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Tommy Gonzalez: Bad for Georgetown, Texas

I believe the record shows that Tommy Gonzalez has been a disaster as a city council representative for Georgetown, Texas. His public council actions have been fiscally reckless for the city and he has acted with what appears to be genuine contempt for the democratic process. I affirm that those District 7 constituents who actively […]

Georgetown Starves For Truth, Feeds On Rumor

By Ross Hunter The Fourth Estate is a name that some people are still proud to be identified by, and I suspect that Ken Martin and his team of investigative journalists at the Austin Bulldog are such people. But I seriously doubt that Linda Scarbrough and Clark Thurmond, publishers of the Williamson County Sun, actually […]

The Sins Against the Souls Of Our Communities

By Ross Hunter I like this little clip of Robert Redford describing the damage created by short-sighted growth – terminal, non-restorable, gone-forever damage; damage inflicted by destroying the original gift of creation in order to sell off its enduring character for a bit of money today; how it feels to be the community remaining behind […]

The Importance of HARC

By Rick Williamson I know from being at the HARC meetings on the Romeo’s Restaurant sign applications a couple of years ago, how intricate and often tedious it can be for everyone concerned. And the HARC folks usually get all the flack for it while the applicants get all the sympathy for being “victimized” and […]

City Ordinance Should Control Advertising Materials As Litter

A Guest Opinion by Gary I. Currier I think Georgetown citizens should ask the City of Georgetown to adopt ordinances to regulate persons and organizations that leave all sorts of unsolicited advertising materials on the property of Georgetown residences. It seems like every day I have to remove unwanted advertising flyers, business cards, newsletters, telephone […]