Tommy Gonzalez: Bad for Georgetown, Texas

I believe the record shows that Tommy Gonzalez has been a disaster as a city council representative for Georgetown, Texas. His public council actions have been fiscally reckless for the city and he has acted with what appears to be genuine contempt for the democratic process.

I affirm that those District 7 constituents who actively supported Tommy Gonzalez for office three years ago have for a long time felt betrayed by him. Out of a group of some twenty to thirty concerned citizens including myself who met with the then-candidate and were persuaded to support him, no one today has any good word to say about Tommy Gonzalez.

Three years ago Tommy Gonzalez asked me to endorse him formally and publicly, and I did (see the original endorsement). Since then, I have watched Mr. Gonzalez prove unworthy of that endorsement, and I now revoke it.

I urge all voters in District 7 who desire beneficial economic progress and fair representation to reject Mr. Gonzalez in the upcoming election, and to elect Brenda Baxter as his replacement.

–Ross Hunter