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Hat Creek at HARC June 28

The Hat Creek application to the Historic and Architectural Review Commission is shown below in the two documents. In the top document, page 8 contains the reference to Guideline 12.11 and essentially blames the topography for NOT orienting the primary entrance of the building toward the street. The counter to this is that the building should […]

The Battle of Hat Creek

Here are the arguments that can win the fight against the Hat Creek application for a special use permit. This comes before council for the second reading on Tuesday, June 26th. On Thursday, June 28th, the matter comes before HARC for the Certificate of Design Compliance. Most of the arguments that can be used at […]

Hat Creek at Council 6/26 and HARC 6/28

Hat Creek will return to council on Tuesday June 26 for the second reading of its special use permit application. Two days later Hat Creek is scheduled to appear at HARC to ask for a special exception and the granting of its Certificate of Design Compliance. We will update this story later this week as […]

Hat Creek Code Irregularities

This is a letter to the Williamson County Sun published this weekend in the June 10 edition. It was a request for the Sun to ask some hard-hitting questions about several irregularities in the Hat Creek application. The Sun made a response immediately below the letter. Both letter and response are reproduced below (with minor […]