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Hat Creek Code Irregularities

This is a letter to the Williamson County Sun published this weekend in the June 10 edition. It was a request for the Sun to ask some hard-hitting questions about several irregularities in the Hat Creek application. The Sun made a response immediately below the letter. Both letter and response are reproduced below (with minor […]

Here Comes The Sun

Yes it’s a predictable headline, but it did feel sunny like the upbeat Beatles number on Saturday morning to pick up the weekend Williamson County Sun and read the start of 3 pages of coverage on our controversial city attorney. The Sun was back in the saddle, guns a’blazing! Council beat reporter Jamaal E. O’Neal […]

Georgetown Starves For Truth, Feeds On Rumor

By Ross Hunter The Fourth Estate is a name that some people are still proud to be identified by, and I suspect that Ken Martin and his team of investigative journalists at the Austin Bulldog are such people. But I seriously doubt that Linda Scarbrough and Clark Thurmond, publishers of the Williamson County Sun, actually […]

Letter to the Sun Re Chris Damon May 6, 2007

By Ross Hunter With the election for City Council upcoming on May 12th, the Williamson County Sun published its editorial endorsements for the various positions on Wednesday, May 2nd. However, this year was a little different, for the Sun’s use of its editorial space to present a review of one of the challengers, Chris Damon, […]