Hat Creek 2nd reading postponed – HARC Goes First

Hat Creek has formally requested to postpone the 2nd reading of its application for a special use permit to a later date. It will not happen at the June 12th council meeting.

We learned this from staff earlier this afternoon. Hat Creek say that they want to address HARC questions before they move forward to council.

What are those HARC questions? Well, among other things, did you know that Hat Creek is requesting an exception? Neither did we. When John Kiltz spoke before council at the first reading he assured everyone that he intended to do everything HARC wanted and submit a flawless design that complied in every way with city code. He forgot to mention that his architectural plan violated so many of our laws that he would have to request an exception from the standards set forth in our city codes, in order to get a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) for Hat Creek.

HARC on May 24th sent Hat Creek away with a list of items to add to its plans, including dimensions. In other words HARC wasted its time to review – and council gave its preliminary approval to – a plan that doesn’t even include measurements. (And on this, staff recommended approval?)

HARC is the next battle, and Hat Creek’s postponement of the council meeting simply ensures this. We are watching and will alert you all with 72 hours notice when the HARC session is announced. As soon as we review the Hat Creek formal application I will send the legal issues out to you – and they are currently quite a few.

Please commit yourselves now to showing up at the HARC meeting, even though we don’t know when it’ll be. We are certain it will have to be in the evening, but the day cannot yet be known. We need your support and your extra three minutes. We can achieve a tremendous victory at HARC because no amount of lipstick can disguise the pig within, when the Hat Creek plans are held up to the legal requirements of the Design Guidelines, our Master Plan, and the Unified Development Code.

Stay tuned. Stay angry. When you see at HARC the plans and hear the arguments against the architectural crime that Hat Creek wants to perpetrate against our city, you will choke. You will understand why this whole scheme is so rotten, and how it will damage the property values of all its neighbors, destroy all confidence of future investors in the Downtown Overlay District, and trample on the work, the money, and the vision of the honest people of the town.

And then, my friends, when HARC denies the CDC and Hat Creek appeals to its oh-so-sympathetic buddies on council, then we shall attend the final fight, either in the 2nd reading or the appeal itself, when we bring these four renegade councilmen to account for defying the will of, actually, everyone.


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