Hat Creek Burger Georgetown Drive-Through

Council is tomorrow evening, and the Hat Creek Burger Company will either be issued its special use permit to destroy neighborhood safety and property values around 4th & 5th Streets, Main and Austin Avenue, or else denied same, depending how the struggle goes.

Either way, we have to show up and lend support if we care that Austin Avenue remain true to the elegant vision that we as a town have all agreed on for it. There’s no doubt that Hat Creek will destroy this vision, and much though we love our city government we’re also very clear that this council could muster the votes to do that very thing – unless we fight.

Council session begins at 6 pm, and if you’re coming you should be on time. With many citizens prepared to comment, the item will likely be moved to the front of the agenda. Remember, you don’t have to speak, you can always sign up to cede your 3 minutes to someone who may need a full 6 minutes to make their point. It may be someone will ask for a show of hands from those opposed to the Hat Creek permit, and if you’re there your presence will count. Numbers are crucial. Showing up is how we win.

You’ve read the full story about the project in the Sun over the weekend, so we won’t rehash it here. You may like to preview some of the exhibits being presented to council tomorrow, especially photographs showing just how shoe-horned the traffic situation will be – you won’t want to have to park your car there after you’ve seen the photos. Scroll down to see these exhibits, as well as the staff recommendation for approval (!) and the minutes of the P&Z unanimous denial, all viewable and downloadable below:

So for tomorrow, come early, be prompt, bring undaunted spirit and settle in for a LOT of discussion and high drama tomorrow, April 24th, Tuesday evening at 6 pm, Council Chambers at 101 E. Seventh Street (7th and Main).

and if you can’t make it you can watch it live on the Web here:


What the entrance looks like (imagine an 18-wheeler here):

Exhibit 6 – Public Comments (c) – 400Main Driveway

One letter from the petition against the project:

Exhibit 6 – Public Comments (a) – Written

The disaster in full, a presentation by the adjacent homeowners:

Exhibit 6 – Public Comments (b) – 400 MainST CC

Planning & Zoning Commission recommending denial of the application:

Exhibit 8 – April 3, 2012 Draft P&Z Minutes

Staff presentation recommending approval:
Staff Report:

Aerial View:

Exhibit 4 – Aerial Map


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