Limitations on Residential Additions and Infill

Also coming before Council on Tuesday, January 25th is an amendment designed to establish design guidelines and HARC involvement with regard to residential changes in the Old Town Overlay District.

Old Town Overlay District Limitations on Residential Additions and Infill.

Currently in the Overlay the only restrictions on additions and infills to residential buildings and the lots on which they stand come from the general building standards in the Unified Development Code (UDC) as applied to the whole city.

As a result in our historic area there are many examples of inappropriate housing sizes and styles. We have seen the removal of historic value by inappropriate additions to historic structures. And we’ve seen overly large additions or new constructions – the McMansion syndrome that many other cities have battled against.

This amendment to the UDC sets additional limits and standards subject to HARC approval – a good step forward.

The agenda for Tuesday’s hearing is here and Exhibit 2 is shown below:

Exhibit 2 – Additions and Infill


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