Impact Newspaper Scoops Everybody With First Story

By Ross Hunter

The Community Impact local newspaper has scooped everybody (after of course) with the first media report of Tuesday’s council meeting.

The story appears on their website here:

We make no secret that we eagerly await the Williamson County Sun’s take on all this on Saturday, but credit where credit is due – the people with blogs and websites have scooped the newsprint people yet again. If only Mr. Sokolow would understand that being a blog doesn’t make it wrong if you’re telling the truth; and being a lawyer doesn’t make you right if you’re not.


3 replies

  1. Mr. Hunter, I agree with your comments and I thought you were well spoken at the Council meeting. I beleive you and the other speakers were hoping for action from Council. If a council member had seconded Patti Eason’s motion for an investigation, that would have been a step in the right direction. Since they didn’t do this, we are really no closer to finding out the real truth. Speaking to Council shouldn’t be the last recourse. Each person that spoke could file an ethics complaint with the City’s Ethics Commission and the City would be forced to address these allegations in a more formal way. So, don’t give up hope if Council doesn’t act.

  2. Cute name George 😉

    Thanks for the comments – we are looking into ethics violations as one of the paths to follow, and if you have any further thoughts on this I’d appreciate hearing them – you can email me direct at

    What we do is no longer dependent on what the council does. We will act on what we’ve seen and experienced now at first hand. I warned them all that the record of their lack of action is the record we’ll go by to judge them if they don’t step up to this issue. As far as I’m concerned not one of the six is fit to serve this town as a representative. This is a time when silence speaks only of cowardice. Sounds like a harsh judgment, but would anyone with nothing to hide sit idly by while the citizens are pleading for some simple communication? I don’t think so.

    So they can all go down with or without a clear explanation of what they’ve done, it doesn’t really matter. What will matter, to them, is to get out of the way of open government, which is coming back to Georgetown without any need for them.

  3. Yes, thank you very much for your efforts. But it is not only members of the council that needs to be replaced for us to return to a council that reflects our values. Clearly the City Manager has demonstrated his lack of leadership and has provided the foundation for all of this unethical behaviour. It is clear that the cozy relationship the DA has with Berryman through their republician roots trumped his best judgement. Unlike Brandenburg, we can replace members of the council and District Attorney Bradley with our votes!!