We Won

By Ross Hunter

Well, friends, we went down to the council meeting, and we won a major success. We walked out of there with the greatest sense of triumph I’ve felt in several years.

It was a historic night, a grand watershed event. It was a decisive battle in the campaign to restore Georgetown to open government.

I could describe what happened but all the media were there: Ken Martin from the Austin Bulldog; the Austin-American Statesman; the editor and publishers of the Williamson County Sun – even the Community Impact newspaper was present. So you can read about it.

I am so enormously proud of everyone who spoke. This is why I love this town so much – for the decent people who come out of their homes just to speak a simple truth in favor of honesty and honor. The bright intelligence of the people speaking was a stunning contrast to the shame-faced body language and bowed heads of the six members of the council who last night sealed their own doom as public servants.

Council member Patty Eason stood alone, forceful and unrelenting, against the rest of the council as they tried to shut her down and silence the voices of public comment. And but for the passionate outrage at the decisive moment of former mayor Mary Ellen Kersch who sat behind me in the audience, they might have succeeded. There was a moment of holding breath, and then the will of the council collapsed under its own cowardice, and Councilwoman Eason’s agenda item was allowed to go forward, and we spoke.

If you weren’t there you wish you had been.

And if you weren’t there it may be time to ask yourselves why you weren’t there. As I told the council last night, INACTION in this matter will speak quite as loudly as action.

But now we move on with the hunt, and I believe the media is starting to smell blood. As I warned the council last night also, I truly don’t believe the people of this town will tolerate the loss of open government.

Watch the TV show, read the press reports, stay tuned to OldTowners.com and sign up for our email alert – and get ready for the victory battles yet to come.


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