Electronic Signs Voted Down By Council

By Ross Hunter

The council voted down the proposed amendment to the UDC on Tuesday night. So electronic signs are dead for the moment. The city is safe – until the next business asks its next favor from the council.

Dale Ross and Keith Brainard were the two suprises in the vote, ripping apart the measure with a forcefulness that speaks of agendas I won’t even guess at.

I personally don’t regard the meeting as any kind of victory – I don’t believe anything we said made a difference, although the fact of being present did. I’ve attended two important showdowns with this council now, and I am not impressed with their integrity. Patty Eason and Ben Oliver are both impartial as they should be, but none of the rest of them listen to specifics. They quite transparently have their own agendas, with their minds made up in advance.

The only thing that makes an impact on them is the size of opposition – numbers remain crucially important.

If you want to further the economic growth of Georgetown as a beautiful city with a strong historic identity, you will have to remain involved in this continuous struggle against special interests. Our current council is weak against these interests. Please help us take action to strengthen the integrity of the council.

OldTowners is taking aim at the next elections in May. We can throw some people out and vote in representatives with more integrity. Most voters will be shocked to learn how their council members actually perform in crucial decisions, all we have to do is get the word out.

Georgetown is a small town, containing a lot of good people. This simple equation means that we can win. We can live in the kind of town we want, with political representation that abides by our wishes. This council is not as good as Georgetown deserves, and we can make it better.


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