Merrill Lynch Sign Design – More Leeway Than Stated?

Peter Dana of Old Town asks in a graphic presentation, are we sure there’s no compromise in that Merrill Lynch sign design?

Merrill Lynch Signage


2 replies

  1. Good job, Peter! Wish this photo-evidence could have been shown at the Council meeting on Tuesday evening. I heard you talk about it in your comments to the Council, but pictures like this speak much louder than words. It directly disproves the false claim of the Merrill-Lynch Georgetown branch director that such signage is “illegal” to do by binding “law of the New York Stock Exchange”, as he claimed. It shows how manipulative our local Merrill-Lynch director can be and how misinformed his claims are to our community. I suppose the thinking is that when you represent a national designer brand institution that’s “too big to fail”, you’re too far above the law to care about public opinions or local regulations. Proof again that the overwhelming majority of our current City Council members’ prevailing attitude toward HARC and UDC regulations is “pro Big Business at any cost”.

  2. I think that the traditional Merrill Lynch sign with the bull is a positive addition to the facade of almost any building in any town (without the Bank of America addition).