Overview of UDC Task Force

Be sure to keep on eye on things here: http://udc.georgetown.org/

The City of Georgetown Unified Development Code (UDC) has begun its Annual UDC Review Process.
For the 2008-2009 Update, City staff has enlisted the help of a task
force to review and craft new language for the UDC.  This site will
inform the task force, as well as the general public, of meetings,
draft language and other important information throughout this process.

The 2008 UDC, including recent amendments, is located to the left,
as is the City’s Development Manual.  Also listed on the left are the
Task Force Teams, which are smaller working groups primarily focusing
on one issue but will also contribute to larger changes in the UDC text
and procedures.  Team meeting summaries can be found to the left as
well, as posted by staff, as well as any relevant information for
upcoming meetings.  The meetings calendar will be updated periodically
to reflect scheduled meetings and deadlines.

The UDC Amendment List is
a table of possible amendments for the task force to review and
consider.  The list is organized by categories that help identify the
potential complexity of each item.  These categories are not
necessarily associated with any one task force team and may overlap
into several teams.  One of the primary reasons for some of the changes
needed in the UDC are related to the City’s new comprehensive plan,
called the 2030 Plan.  To get more information on this plan, please
visit 2030.georgetown.org.

A Public Notice indicating
the generic agenda has been posted for all proposed team meetings
listed in the meetings calendar.  Additional information regarding each
meeting may be provided as the process moves forward.  Please check the
website regularly for meeting cancellations or changes.

Annual UDC Review Process

UDC Amendment List

Public Notice


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