Wesleyan development: relocation plan abandoned

Notice sent by the Heart of Georgetown Neighborhood Association on March 31st.

This is to inform you that Mr. Lee McIntosh has withdrawn his application to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and also the City Council, regarding the Wesleyan redevelopment, and if you were planning to attend the P&Z meeting tomorrow, April 1st, this will no longer be necessary.

As a result of the HARC meeting last Tuesday, in light of resident feelings that were apparent, Mr. McIntosh reconsidered his plans to move the historic home.

Please note that the matter remains on the HARC agenda for final disposition, since HARC postponed it to see what would happen at P&Z and the Council. The next HARC meeting is Thursday, April 24th.

You are receiving this notification from The Heart of Georgetown Neighborhood Association because you are a signatory on a petition protesting the relocation proposal, or you have otherwise expressed interest in this matter.

We would like to thank you for all your support shown so far. We will send you an update of circumstances before the next HARC meeting.


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