Tonight – Motion for Council to Hear HARC-Ruling Appeals Itself

The Georgetown City Council tonight – Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 – will consider the motion to remove from the Planning and Zoning Commission’s Board of Adjustment, jurisdiction over the appeals process from a HARC ruling, and to hear such appeals directly itself. What follows is’s open address to the Council, arguments against their motion that you may wish to review – we had thought to address the Council in person tonight, but instead we will now wait until the next meeting in two weeks. There are two important issues happening before this motion tonight, so it will be fairly late when it comes to be read. Tactically, if you want to show support for any of the sentiments below, give the meeting a miss tonight and wait until the second reading. Stay tuned here of course, we’ll keep you apprised of events.


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post After the Council Meeting.

The Council meeting on Tuesday, October 10 yielded mixed results. The motion to abolish HARC was defeated. The motion to remove appeals of HARC decisions away from the P&Z Board of Adjustment and directly to the Council itself, passed.

An amendment to require a super majority vote (majority plus one), which was in line with the existing requirement for appeals currently made to the Board of Adjustment, was defeated, meaning a simple majority of 4-3 on the Council will find for an appeal. more…

post Neighborhood Meeting October 8 – Save Our Square

Georgetown residents are invited to attend a brief neighborhood meeting on Sunday October 8th, to discuss the upcoming City Council motion to abolish HARC, and ways and means to fight the great Square giveaway.

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. The meeting is at 705 East 3rd Street (between Walnut and Pine), in the historic home of George and Barbara Meyer.

post Council to Abolish HARC Tuesday (unless we stop them)

On the Agenda for the Georgetown City Council meeting this Tuesday, October 10, is the proposal to replace or abolish HARC. If this matters to you, show up and show support. Sign up to speak, even to give your 3 minutes away to another speaker.


post Carr Rebuttal – City Staff are the Dysfunction, not HARC

[Letter to Williamson County Sun, October 11, 2006 – Ross Hunter]

I must challenge Councilman Carr’s flawed reasoning underlying his call to
abolish HARC. Mr. Carr correctly affirms that HARC is doing its job
steadfastly, in a way that has not changed. But when he diagnoses a
dysfunction in the applicant-review process, he kills the messenger rather
than addressing the message, in saying that removing HARC will solve the


post Councilman Carr – Abolish HARC

[Letter to Williamson County Sun, October 4, 2006 – Councilman Carr]

Recent interest in the work of the city’s Historical and Architectural Commission (HARC) has possibly painted the commission itself as a problem. To the contrary, the problem lies with Georgetown’s city council, which created HARC.

In my opinion, HARC is doing about as well as can be expected given its charter and the circumstances the city finds itself in with respect to the downtown Square. There is presently no easy method for merging architectural and economic factors into a final decision and doing so in a timely manner that will not damage applicants in their business pursuits. With this confluence of circumstances, HARC has become dysfunctional. more…

post Romeo’s – Another Precedent that Blights Old Town

[Letter to Williamson County Sun, Not Published October 8, 2006 – Rick Williamson]

But HARC, Romeo, What Yonder Sign Doth Shine Too Blight?

Forgive my purposely punned literary references. But I think Old Town Georgetown is in a right-to-life fight against what our national anthem might call a “perilous blight!”


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